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Shift Manager

If you wanna build a career, We Got You®! Become a Legacy Wendy’s Shift Manager and join a team that cares about your growth.

Assistant Manager 

If you wanna grow and go places, We Got You®! Manager is a big title, and with a big title comes big responsibilities.

Join Legacy Wendy’s as an Assistant Manager!

Operating Partner 

If you wanna keep it real, We Got You®. It doesn’t get more real than running a multi-million dollar business of your own, and as a Legacy Wendy’s Operating Partner, this is exactly the role you will fulfill.

Area Coach 

If you wanna juggle it all, We Got You®! Jack of all trades and Wendy with long braids.


As an Area Coach with Legacy Wendy’s, you will work above the restaurant level to execute initiatives from budgeting and operations to strategic thinking and local programming.

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